Harpster's School Visits

Harpster's School Visits (in person)

Interested in having me come to your school and talk about my career as a professional illustrator? My presentations are 45 minutes long but can be shortened to 30 minutes for kindergarten and first graders. The kids will be drawing with me, so they will need pencil and paper. Best of all the presentations are FREE! Oh, wait, even better the school's earn 30% from the sale of all the books sold during the presentation.

So let's recap...
*Kids get a great presentation form Steve Harpster

*Kids get to draw with Steve Harpster

*Students and staff can buy Harpster's books and he will sign and draw a picture in each book.

*The visit is absolutely free!

*The school earns 30% off the sale of all the books!

(this offer is for state of Ohio only. Schools in Indiana and Kentucky should call to see if offer can apply to them.)

Online School Visits

Using Adobe Connect I can visit your classroom and school to deliver a positive message about how I make a living as a professional illustrator. The presentation is the same one that I do in person at schools, but from my studio. Kids can ask questions, make comments and more importantly they get to draw with me! Just call me to set up an online school visit toll free: 1-877-885-2839 or e-mail me at: steve[at]studioharpster[dot]com...of course use the @ symbol and the . when you type this e-mail.

Here's a short video montage of my school visits and the art kids create while I am there.