Monday, February 1, 2010

What You Look'n At?

So this is another image that went from sketchbook to finished piece.


"TORI CAT" said...

im so sorri i have not been in touch sooner!!!
I love your work!!
Its fantastic! So much character and a completely unique style!!
I love how you have broken down your process of painting in the picture of the Dog with a Ball.
It's really lovely to see the process in which you work.
I also love your brown paper sketches too.
Im a big fan of brown parer.... Its what i use when ever i do life drawing or go scribbling at the zoo. I use a china graph pencil and white chalk, and some times brown pencil too. Its great fun.
Also, i must thank you so much for linking my blog to your page. I'll certainly make sure to add you to my inspiring talents too.
I also again, really love your monsters too.
I have a forever ongoing idea for a film, that when ever i get 5mins to myself (not very often) i start scribbling away... thats all about monsters and strange creature things. They are all friendly :)
You might be able to spot one or two of them somewhere down me blog.

Any who, looooong message! Sorry. just wanted to say thanks and check our your fantastic designs!!
All the best and speak to you soon,
Many thanks,

Steve Harpster said...

Thanks Tori Cat,
Great to get some feedback from people. My plan is to create a monster book soon. I just have all these other projects I have to finish first and then I will begin....Actually I have teh book written, just have the fun part of illustrating it.

Best wishes to you,