Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Art Gallery Video

So I made changes to this video. It was moving way too fast to see the art. So Hopefully this one will be easier to view. I just hate how most gallery videos are set to some really slow new age music and the art moves so slow that I get bored. Hope this one doesn't bore you.

Let em know what you think.


Chris G. said...

I think it does move a bit quickly, Steve. You don't get a real chance to see the art before it changes.

Plus, this might be a personal choice, but I really don't like the different wipes and transitions. They are kind of distracting. I think a simple dissolve from one piece to the other is enough,.. it's more subtle. (like the way you did the swim monster,.. but slower)

If you want, make the art slowly move across the screen while the dissolve is happening.

Steve Harpster said...

Thanks Chris. I totally agree with the swipes. They are fun to ad but annoying to look at.

I made some changes to the video. IT looks much better on You Tube than it does on my blog.