Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Portfolio (booklet)

So I just received my little booklet portfolios last week and wanted to post what they look like online. I will be sending these out to targeted art directors and companies I would really like to work with.

I have been sending out postcards to various publishers, ad agencies and others for years now. I try to send out postcards four times a year. I usually get one or two jobs for every 400-500 postcards I mail out. Sometimes I get no response, but at least it gets my name out there.

For the last two years I advertised in the Directory of Illustration. I thought this would look really impressive since it costs $2,500.00 bucks to get in this book. Well the book is enormous and it's really hard to stand out. My page is towards the back and not easy to find. So I was driving and thinking "Why advertise in a book full of other illustrators? I'm not only paying to promote my work, but I'm paying to promote the work of others." Sounds crazy, right?

So I had a brilliant idea...Make my own book of illustrations to send out to AD's. Instead of paying thousands to show one illustration why not pay hundreds and produce a booklet that will show 30 of my best images and also show my variety of styles. This booklet I made is pretty cool, the printing is a bit grainy, but I think it stands on it's own. I ordered a small run from PS Print online and the cost was about $1.50 a book...postage for these is I think 60 cents.


Patti said...

Steve, Your booklet looks great! I'd love to hear how your self publishing venture goes.

Erin Hunting said...

Grat idea & the look fantastic Steve!

Steve Harpster said...

Hey Patti,
Read the posts below to see more about the self publishing adventure. I have three posts already about it.

Jennifer said...

Your booklets came out fabulous -- it's always nice to see our finished product in action!
-Jennifer, PsPrint

Jack Foster said...

Steve... You're a genius! Love your "outside the box" thinking. The books look really cool! Can I send you some bucks and get one.... autographed? I'm a fan and fellow toonartist.

Steve Harpster said...

Thanks Jack.
I thought about selling these, but they are too small and only 8 spreads. If you really want one send me your e-mail and I would be happy to mail you one. Or I can e-mail you the PDF to look at.

Chris G. said...

I think that's a great idea. Why pay a wad of cash to be in a huge book where you might just get lost in the shuffle? Instead send out your own portfolio booklet and stand out from the crowd!

I wouldn't mind a PDF as well, if you don't mind sending it. I really like your work. Thanks


Steve Harpster said...

No problem, anyone that wants my portfolio as a PDF just go to my website at and e-mail me message.

Thanks for all the interest.