Saturday, April 3, 2010

Clash of the Titans review

So some of you may know just how excited I was about the remake and release of the new Clash of the Titans movie. I took off time from work on Friday to see it. First of all I forgot about Good Friday and everyone had the day off of work so the theater was packed. Now I get to a movie 20 minutes before it starts, especially opening day. I get there early to make to get a good seat. So for the first 15 minutes of the movie I take pleasure in not being the idiot looking for a seat in the dark when the theater is packed full. I hate seeing movies in the theater, I'd rather just wait till it comes out on DVD. The theater has lost any and all appeal to me except I was intrigued by this 3D scam that they keep hyping on all the commercials for every movie now. In my honest opinion 3D sucks! First of all everything is blurry and only sort of 3D. It made my head hurt and I found myself taking the glasses off for chunks of the movie. Aside from the credits and the opening title graphics, I didn't see anything that was all that 3D.

So aside from the suck theater experience and the crap 3D rip-off the movie was really good. Much darker than the original, but kept all the same characters. I liked how they altered the story a good bit but still retained all the same monsters. They added these dudes that looked like wood or tree bark, I didn't understand the reason for them. The black pegasus was an odd touch too. It was really well animated but why was it black? The one complaint I have with movies of late is while the computer animated monsters are really cool, why does all the action have to take place with a camera moving around at 55 mph? You can hardly tell what's going on it's so blurry. Why can't they pan out a bit so you can see how big a monster is and appreciate the battle. when they fight the scorpions I couldn't tell who was dying and who was still fighting or even how scorpions were attacking.

The best part of the movie for me was Medussa. She looks like a young pretty woman with a head full of snakes but when a person looks at her she turns ugly and her eyes shoot white light and turn you to stone, except if you are a tree bark person then your chest turns blue and you look like you blow up event though you don't. You'll see what I'm talking about if you see the movie. All in all it was a really good movie that in my opinion is worth seeing, just not in 3D.


Chris G. said...

Good to see your review, Steve. I had heard some bad reviews of it, so I haven't seen it yet. Probably wait for DVD. I read the 3D was bad because it wasn't going to be a 3D movie, but adapted it for 3D later just to jump on the bandwagon.

Do they have a Bubo? ;o)

I myself only go to movies in the theatre on special occasions,... movies like Avatar, or Up, or Star Trek. Most of the times I just watch them at home.

Steve Harpster said...

The movie is good, I think you'll like it. No Bubo, or even any of the other gods are in it. It all centers around Zeus and Hades. The 3D really sucked and what you write makes total sense. I just saw Hoe to Train Your Dragon and that 3D is amazing. The textures on the vikings beards just pop off the screen.