Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sorry about lack of posts

Sorry that I am posting slowly lately. I am swamped with work and trying like mad to meet some fast approaching deadlines. Good news, my new self published book is going to be delivered next week. Very EXCITING!


Jack Foster said...

Hey Steve! How exciting about your book! This illustration is wonderful. Love your characters. Is this from the book? Nice!

Pablo said...

WoW! This is well worth the wait Steve. Really love how this came out in the end. Also great news about your book. I look forward to eventually have one in my hands.

Chris G. said...

Love the image and would like to see more. Congratulations on the book,... that's quite an achievement.

Steve Harpster said...

Thanks for all the kind words.

Jack- No the book is a how to draw book targeted at elementary school kids. The book shows kids how to draw all kinds of animals using numbers 2-18.

Pablo- Thanks so much. The books arrived on Monday... Really cool watching them being unloaded off of a big freight truck. They go on sale June 21st.

Chris- Thanks, still have more to color on this piece.

Pablo said...

Awesome! June 21st sounds great to me. Look forward to it.