Monday, June 21, 2010

Steven Silver plugs my new book

Character designer Steven Silver (creator of Kim Possible and Danny Phantom) says some very kind words about my new book Drawing Animals With Numbers for sale now at

Thanks Steven!


pete said...

Go, Steve, Go! Best of luck to you and congrats!

Pablo said...

Awesome Plug. Steven is a great guy and I did not know that you took his self publishing course. Even more awesome that his information set you in the right direction. I'll be ordering mine soon.

Steve Harpster said...

Thanks fellas,
Steven's class is awesome. I have taken many schoolism courses and haven't been disappointed with any of them. Steven's self publishing course was really helpful and also I read a self publishing for dummies book that really helped. There is still a lot of research to finding a good printer and learning all the in and outs of correctly publishing a book to be sold in various markets.