Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back from Ocean City

I just got back yesterday from Ocean City. Man, one long car ride from New Jersey to Ohio, with a one year old to boot. Had a great time there and discovered a new treat on the board walk "Fried Oreos," the best thing ever created. So this week I will be loading up pictures from my sketchbook that I drew all week long while on vacation and here is the first one.

I colored this with water colors using a water brush pen. It's a pen that you fill with water and then you can squeeze the handle and water comes out. Jeremy from my life drawing class showed me one of these and I had to go out and get one right away.


Jack Foster said...

Welcome back Steve! I see your imagination didn't take a vacation... very cool. That water-pen thing sound neat...have to check it out.

Steve Harpster said...

I grabbed a pic of one for you and gave you a link to where you can purchase one. These pens are really cool.