Friday, September 17, 2010


This was my favorite toy as a kid and I still have it today. I know a lot of artists, animators and cartoonists have all kinds of toys on their desk but I only have this Godzilla and a 12 inch Storm trooper in my office. Both are toys from my childhood. I had to clear the dishes from the table for two weeks to earn my Godzilla. I also managed to hang onto the hand that shoots off. Most of my friends lost the hands in the first week. I would also store little green army men and marbles and jacks in the removable tail section of Godzilla. I think the tail came off the lizard so it would fit in the box...why his hand would shoot off, I have no idea. I never saw one Godzilla movie where he shot his hand off of his arm.

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Chris G. said...

My brother used to have that one, he loved it. I unfortunately don't have many of my old toys except for a bunch of my old original Star Wars figures.