Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Newest Book Ready for Print

My newest book is ready to go to print. I have finished all the paperwork, dotted all the "i's" and crossed all the "t's" and now it's go time.

So what are the things you have to do to when you publish your own book?

1. Find a printer. I am using Book Masters Inc in Ashland OH. They did a great job on my first book Drawing Animals With Numbers.

2. You need an ISBN number. You can go to to get an ISBN number which you will find on any book sold via retail. International Standard Business Number.

3. Library of Congress Number. This was the hardest thing to apply for but it costs nothing. The website is very hard to understand. Just trying to figure out where to log in is a challenge.

4. Copyright your work. Now a copyright is a very misunderstood entity. Actually any work you produce is your property (you just have to prove it in court) A copyright only protects that actual piece of work and not an idea or theme. If you write a book about Space Cats you can copyright it but that does not mean that another person or company can not write a book about Space Cats. It protects you from someone taking your work and reproducing it as their own.

That's it. That's all you need to produce your own books. Now to sell it!


Pablo said...

Ooooooo I'm looking forward to picking this bad boy up.

Steve Harpster said...

Yes, buy ten or twelve copies and give them out to friends at Christmas.