Sunday, December 19, 2010

Emmet Otter's Jug Band out takes

This was and still is my favorite Christmas movie of all time. Not many know about it, but if you grew up with HBO in the 80'S you saw this almost every other day during the month of December.

This video is the out takes for one scene and it just cracks me up. The mother's voice was changed in post production to a more motherly sweet voice. I would guess this is Frank Oz controlling and speaking for the mom in these outtakes. Kind of sounds like Grover or Yoda and he did both of those voices. I don't know why the drum has to land in one certain spot, but for some reason that was the directors vision. I also think it is funny that the feet of the characters are nailed to the floor. I also liked seeing the size comparison of the humans to the puppets. I never realized how small they were. They always seemed so alive and bigger than life when I was a kid.

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