Friday, June 17, 2011

Billy Bob (in progress)

Just for fun I am working on this illustration of Billy Bob from the Rockafire Express band. I was fortunate as a kid to have a Show Biz Pizza in my city. There were only 200 of them built and then they had financial troubles and were taken over by Chucky Cheese. The Rockafire Explosion was a robot or animatronic band that would play music, tell jokes, and preform skits. It was really an amazing performance and outside of Disney World I never saw anything else like it to this day. I will post the You Tube Videos so you can experience the band for yourself.


the skin-taker from candle cove said...

I think a massive company stole your art..... theres a themepark in the uk called gullivers kingdom that owns a rockafire band, three of them to be exact and they use this artwork on the sign for it. i hope you see this. heres a pic i took of the sign.

Rock-Afire ExplosionUK said...

How do you know he diddnt sell it to them?