Monday, September 24, 2012

My process of working on a page.

If you click on the posted image you can see it larger. This is an example of my working process for a book I worked on last spring.

step 1 - design: Getting all the elements on the page. getting all four dinos on each page wasn't easy.

step 2- Proportions: Now I need to make sure the dino sizes are all consistent. I'm also looking at the pose and movement. How will they all look together.

step 3- Details: The main detail is personality when I get to this step. So if they are afraid not only does their face show this, but also their body language. Notice they peak around the corner of the hallway, they also clump together as they head down the stairs to see what is down there.

step 4- Ink: I do all my drawing, inking and coloring in photoshop. I work on a Cintiq so that makes it much easier. Whether inking digitally or on paper, don't trace your lines! DO NOT TRACE YOUR LINES! It takes all the movement and life when you trace and will make your drawing look stiff. get loose with your inking, the only way to do this is lots of practice.

step 5- coloring...not much to say here. One thing I will do when coloring is go back and make corrections to my line art if I need to. Sometimes you notice mistakes so allow yourself to go back a fix those mistakes in your process.



k.h.whitaker said...

love seeing your process Steve :)

iintegratetechnology said...

Just wanted to say Thank You very much for coming to Union Elementary in Upper Sandusky, Ohio! I am a 2nd grade teacher who absolutely loved watching you teach our students how to draw! Even me- a person who is artistically challenged could draw! I am working on a post for my own blog and I will make sure that I share it with you! Good luck to you and all your future success! You have truly inspire our students to draw! Thank you!

iintegratetechnology said...

Check out this link for your school visit in Upper Sandusky!

Steve Harpster said...

Thanks, I had a great time at your school. The kids were wonderful!