Monday, March 1, 2010

Self Publishing Lessons #1

So I'm going to be writing over the next weeks and months about my adventures in self publishing. I hope that I learn and grow as I do this and anyone out there that has an interest in doing something like this also benefits from my triumphs and folly. This first chapter will be called:


I am a freelance illustrator with over 200 hundred books to my credit. Some books I get royalties on and others are flat fees. Some I spent months creating and polishing others had to be done in less than a week. Some books I had total control over and others were micro managed and changed over and over. But I feel that I have learned something from each and every book I ever created.

So why self publish?
Because this is an art blog and most artists are going to read this as quick as they can so they can get back to drawing I'll just list my reasons.

1. Total control of work from begging to end.
2. You will never get $4.00 to $5.00 dollars on each book sale from any publisher.
3. The pride of telling people that you started your own publishing company.
4. A love of books and a need to know more about how they are made.
5. In hopes that this first book will finance the next and the next and then the dream book that I want to create (more about the dream book in later blogs.)

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Pablo said...

Great Topic Steve. I really would like to know the pro's and cons of self publishing. That's something I would really like to try out even though I'm not a very good writer but even if it's just with my illustrations I would be happy. I'm looking forward to your next post in regards to the cons of self publishing. Great topic for first times like me know about.

Bob Ostrom Studio said...

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Look forward to reading.

Steve Harpster said...

Hey Bob, I'm still going to do your interview sometime. I just haven't had a clear schedule. Maybe after the book comes out. Then I can really inform people about self publishing.